Celebrate National Donut Month with Dawn!


October 2019


October is National Donut Month. Dawn is celebrating with an exciting promotion to increase activity at your bakery during October and beyond.


Celebrate Those Who RULE During National Donut Month

This month, we're encouraging bakery patrons to celebrate those who stand out in their lives by giving them a dozen donuts! It's a thoughtful way to remind friends, coworkers and loved ones just how much they rule. To help increase donut sales, we've provided the following materials: In-Store Signage, a Bakery Box Sticker, and Social Media Posts.


Make the Most of the Month!

Build Your Team: Make sure your staff is aware of the promotion and able to explain how it works to  customers

Build Excitement: Use the promotional poster to get customers interested

PR Potential: Consider ideas to get the local media spreading the word

Use Social Media: Leverage social media channels by using using the posts provided from Dawn.

To Learn more about National Donut Month:

Call: 1-800-292-1362

Visit: www.dawnfoods.com

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