Buttercreme Style Icings

Our new buttercreme style icings make your cakes stand out and keep customers coming back. Smooth, workable textures and quality ingredients create the winning combination for you, your customers and your bakery.


  • Outstanding flavor, aroma, and visual appeal as tested among bakery consumers

  • Formulated to be soft and pliable to allow for piping and decorating while still firm enough to hold designs

  • Consistent and vibrant colors, allowing decorators to focus on creating products for important moments

Dawn Buttercreme Style Icings have been developed to spread easily to make base icing a breeze and can also be used to create borders, flowers and other designs. Available in White, Chocolate and Cream Cheese.

Dawn Buttercreme Exceptional

Dawn Exceptional Buttercreme Style Icings give you premium, rich flavors and vibrant colors that will impress even the most sophisticated customer. Formulated to hold the most intricate designs, you can be confident that your decorations will delight your customers and keep them coming back. Available in White, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Caramel and a range of vibrant colors.

Dawn Balance Buttercreme

Dawn Balance Sugar-Free Buttercreme Style Icings meet your customers' desire for a better-for-you option, with the quality and reliability you count on from Dawn. Available in White and Chocolate.