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Marlin Jones began as an
accountant with Dawn Food
Products in 1935 and eventually purchased the company in 1955.


Throughout his tenure, he kept his three sons involved in the business. Whether delivering donuts to neighbors on a bicycle or unloading boxcars of sugar, the boys grew up in the company.

Ron, the eldest son, joined Dawn professionally in 1957, and his two brothers, Miles and Steve, followed suit several years later.


Since that time, the Jones family has been an integral part of the Dawn family.

Today, the second and third generations of Joneses are all actively involved in the management of the business and remain enthusiastic members of “Team Dawn.”




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Dawn Food Products got its start nearly a century ago when two
bakers opened a small bakery in Jackson, Michigan. This little bakery quickly became famous for its donuts. Soon bakers from other parts of the country wanted the formula. Rather than give
the formula away, the unassuming entrepreneurs decided to
blend the secret recipe themselves and sell the mix to other
bakers. By 1920, they were selling more mix than donuts, so they sold the bakery and began the nation's first industrial bakery mix company, which they named the Dawn Donut Company after the time of day when bakers do their work.

In 1935, during a difficult era when commodities were scarce and many businesses were failing, Marlin Jones joined the company. Marlin discovered that by traveling to agricultural areas, he could arrange with farmers to commit their fields of grain to Dawn. Thanks to Marlin’s efforts, the company was still healthy when World War II ended in 1945. Then, in 1955, Marlin purchased the company.

As the Dawn Donut Company continued to grow, it was determined that customers would appreciate having a full-service supplier for their bakery needs. So, using the same quality and consistency standards that went into their donut mixes, Dawn expanded the product line to a complete range of bakery products and, in 1977, became Dawn Food Products, Inc.


As word about Dawn's high-quality bakery products continued to spread, the need to find an efficient and reliable system to deliver products to customers across the country became apparent. In 1982, Dawn began investing in strategically located wholesale distributors of bakery supplies that provided the same quality, consistent products and friendly, local service which our customers in Michigan had come to expect.


Dawn expanded into the U.K. in 1989 and followed with manufacturing plants in Europe and Mexico. In 1997, Dawn formed Dawn Foods International, the first American-owned bakery company for Dawn outside the US. Previously nonexistent, this created a huge new market for American-style bakery products.

Currently, Dawn distributes quality bakery products throughout North America, Mexico and Central America, the U.K. and Europe, and many other countries worldwide. Through the years, more and more people and facilities have been added both domestically and internationally in order to serve Dawn’s ever-expanding customer base.


Dawn is still headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, where that first tiny donut shop was opened. Today, Dawn has more than 40,000 customers, offers over 4,000 products, and includes over 40 locations and 3,500 Team Dawn members worldwide. In spite of all this growth, we remain committed to the simple ideals of using only the best ingredients, testing each and every batch, and personally supervising every aspect of our operations to guarantee outstanding quality and consistency.


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