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Ron L. Jones, Chairman


"As a family business, we pledge to you that Dawn tries every day to be a better company for Dawn people, Dawn customers and the great baking industry that we serve. We know your success is our success. That is our goal."




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A Message from Our Chairman:


Working to Build Real Growth, Strong Futures for Dawn and Our Customers!


As Dawn continues to grow as a family run company, we realize that we are outlasting many other family businesses.  Sure, it’s not easy to work the Dawn way, but it does generate a special dedication and loyalty from Dawn People that’s difficult to obtain from publicly held businesses.  It is our great People and Teams who have unique skills, knowledge and capabilities that provide the excellent products and services that drive growth.


Team Dawn directs all of our efforts to being, as we say – “a little bit better every day.”  Whether  it’s Dawn’s fine Distribution group delivering exceptional Products to over 20,000 Customers every month or Dawn’s high quality Manufacturing facilities or Dawn’s very capable support and service group – everyone here knows it’s all about enabling success for Dawn and the businesses we serve.


Staying focused on ensuring our People provide profitable solutions for Dawn and our customers seems like a given, but we all know that it’s possible to lose sight of this as a company works to grow.  Large companies sometimes expand only to find that this new growth drives high costs rather than value.  Dawn is constantly on guard against making this mistake and always evaluating our investments in capital equipment and People.  Our goal is to be the best provider of Products to the baking industry through high-quality ingredients, dependable services and information that helps build real value for Dawn, our People and Customers.


Dawn remains committed to helping more businesses prosper by using our quality products and expertise that have been developed over the years.  As we say “your success is our success” as we put our three pillars to work every day -- “We know. We care. We can help®.”


We are deeply thankful for the loyalty of our Customers and the dedication of Dawn People.  Team Dawn is proud to bring high-quality products to our industry – an industry that has been providing the “staff of life” for thousands of years throughout the world.  May God bless all of our efforts and your endeavors as we all continue to grow in this great industry. 


Thank you all for your support.


Ron Jones, Chairman


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