Seasonal Premium Donuts

Premium Donuts

Our best ready-to-serve donuts are the perfect fit for today’s busy consumer. They are ready to sell after simply thawing for 60 minutes. They give you the same rich taste as freshly baked donuts and will make your customers feel like you baked each donut just for them. Their irresistible combination of crispy coating, fluffy dough and indulgent fillings is one people don’t forget.


  • Luxurious, rich toppings
  • Great textural contrast
  • Clean, non-greasy formula for a light fluffy dough
  • Indulgent and tasty sauce fillings

Seasonal Flavours

We have delicious seasonal flavours from our Premium Donuts range that feature delicious and eye-catching topping and indulgent fillings.


Raspberry and Cream Twist Donut

This delicious addition to our Premium Donuts range is double injected, meaning there’s a mouth-watering intermittent raspberry and cream cheese filling inside the donut ring.




NEW Cookie Crush  Donut

Cookie Crush donut is made with chocolate dough for an innovative twist. It is end to end filled with a creamy vanilla flavouring and topped with a white glaze, then decorated with cookie pieces – a real ‘mash up’ of flavours to excite customers of all ages!





NEW Lovely Lemon Donut

Lovely lemon has a light summery all-natural fruit lemon filling and an eye catching white glaze. Yellow sugar sprinkles not only create visual impact but add texture in every bite too.



Raspberry and Cream Twist Donut



New Cookie Crush Donut



New Lovely Lemon Donut