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As always, we are committed to safely supplying & supporting your bakery, especially during this uncertain time.

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Keep Your Staff and Customers Safe with PPE

Dawn is committed to safely supplying & supporting your bakery, especially during this uncertain time. We understand your concerns about the coronavirus and have brought together some products to help you navigate the COVID-19 environment. We can supply you with PPE so you can continue to supply the treats for your customers' sweet moments. 



Take Advantage of the Grab-and-Go Strategy

Food safety is top of mind for consumers, and suddenly the packaging matters almost as much as the product itself. As you're modifying operations to meet the needs of our new normal, don't forget to consider the packaging solutions needed to support these new plans.

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Dawn Offers a Complete Assortment of Chocolate Drops & Chunks

Made with quality ingredients and perfect for your everyday baking needs. Types of chocolate drops and chunks include: milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and compound. Chocolate drops and chunks sizes: 1M drop, 2M drop, 4M drop, 10M drop and chunks



Cherry Almond Handpie

Replicate Chef Mark Seaman's recipe featuring Almond Paste and Almond Flour


BC_ASM White Ganache
BC_ASM Milk Ganache
PACK_SURG_002429323 Cookie puck Caramel Latte 80g 3 DAWN


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