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Dawn has partnered with top performing suppliers to provide you with incredible packaging and cake toppings to accompany your Dawn Cakes and Cupcakes. With Dawn you can have it all!

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Differentiate Your Cake Case

Cakes are often the most profitable product you sell. And that profitability increases when the finish work is beautiful! Take your cakes to the next level with products and great deals from Barry Callebaut and Satin Fine Foods. Add your unique touch your cakes by topping them with Shine, Ganache, Fondant, and Glitter Glaze!

Van Leer Shine: $5.00 off each case

ASM Semper Ganache: $1.50 off each pail

Satin Ice Rolled Fondant: $1.00 - $2.00 off each pail

Satin Ice Glitter Glazes: $1.00 off each case



Coco Bakery Macarons

Consumers love the bright colors, flavors and texture of French macarons! Coco Bakery has perfected these delicacies and make it easy for you to sell these in your shop. They come fully finished and frozen, ready to thaw and sell. A typical macaron can be sold for $1.50 - $3.00 each, giving you great margins with very little labor involved. 

Featured Flavors: Coconut, Hazelnut, Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Pistachio

Macaron Assortment: $2.50 off each case

Coco Bakery Plastic Container: $2.00 off each case


Celebrate CAKE Season with Great Deals on Packaging

Your cakes look great, but can your customers safely take them home!?

D&W Fine Pack Domes & Boxes: $2.50 off each case

Southern Champion Boxes: $0.50 off each bundle

Southerner Champion Cake Circles: $0.50 off each case

PCA 1/4 Sheet PET Pads: $1.00 off each case

Enjay Cake Drums: $1.00 off each case


Additional Ingredients to Build Your Cake Creations

Don't forget your basics! Load up your storeroom to make your favorite cakes and cupcakes at some fantastic prices.

Evaporated Milk: $2.00 off each case

Bazo Dulce De Leche: $2.50 off each pail

Crain Walnut Pieces: $3.00 off each case

Bakery Essentials Cake Release: $1.50 off each pail

Bakery Essentials Seedless Raisins: $0.50 off each case


Additional Supplies to Build Your Cake Creations

Stock up on packaging and supplies while they are on sale!

Bakery Essentials Pastry Bags: $0.50 off each case

Pan Liners: $1.00 - $2.00 off each case

Paterson Pacific Cupcake Liners: $0.50 - $2.00 off each case


Good Job Graduation Cupcakes


How to Use Satin Ice Fondants & Glitter Glaze from Satin Ice's Baker & Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Robinson.


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