Satisfy Your Customers Needs with Handheld Treats

While people may not be able to have the large-scale celebrations they'd like, they are still seeking moments to indulge!


Dawn has partnered with top performing suppliers to provide you with incredible packaging and ingredients to accompany your Dawn Handheld treats. With Dawn you can have it all!

Buy Your Handheld Treat Supplies Today!

Purchase through the Dawn online ordering system, or call your sales/customer service representative to place an order. 







Thaw, Fill, Proof, and Bake

Dawn's croissant squares come frozen and already laminated with several flaky layers of dough. Once thawed, they can be formed into a traditional croissant or filled with your favorite Dawn filling. $3.00 of each case.




Expand Your Offerings into New Dayparts with Sweet & Savory Pastries

Are you looking for an easy way to add high quality sweet pastries to your breakfast of dessert menu? The chocolate Avalanche and Almondine are the perfect choices.

Are you customers looking for a savory option around lunchtime? The Bridor bistros are a delicious and filling lunchtime solution. These pastries are pre-proofed, so they can go right from the oven to the freezer, save you time.

$3.00 off each case

Featured Flavors: Butter Leek, Spinach Feta, Tomato Olive



Make Your Bakery Unique with Individual Sized Unbaked Pie Shell and Cream Horns

These pair perfectly with Dawn's fillings and streusel, which are also on sale! 

Wicks Unbaked 4" Pie Shell: $2.50 off each case

Pidy Baked Cream Horn: $2.50 off each case


Self Serve Cases are Being Transformed

Not only has the pandemic affected the way we keep our customers safe, it has also affected the way consumers are buying your products.

We’re seeing many self serve bakery cases filled with individually wrapped products!

Grab-and-Go Selections are Becoming Increasingly Popular

People aren't gathering in large groups but still want to indulge in some of their favorite treats.

We've seen significant spikes in sales of individually packaged desserts. Consider tapping into this trend, if you haven't already!

Carry-Out and Curbside Takeaway are Still Preferred

As the pandemic continues, it has been changing consumers expectations.

Pre-packaged products in window boxes or bags allows concerned customers to see and then purchase their favorites without going inside!

Looking for Resources to Navigate in the New Normal? We've Got You Covered!

As always, we are committed to safely suppling & supporting your bakery, especially during this uncertain time. We understand your concerns about the coronavirus and have put together some resources and information to help you navigate the COVID-19 environment. Find Resources & Insights.