Dawn Team Members Deliver Sweetness to Mary's Kitchen

Jun 5, 2017, 16:07 PM by Alexis Gilbert
Members of Team Dawn made a special delivery of over 200 custom decorated donuts to Mary's Kitchen on Monday, June 5 in Orange, California. The donation included donuts designed by Dawn Team Members and attendees of the 2017 IDDBA show in Anaheim, California.

Founded in 1984, Mary's Kitchen, acknowledging the Christian principles upon which it was founded including compassion and respect for human dignity, through volunteers, feeds, clothes and provides services that support and enhance the quality of life for the hungry and homeless that come to Mary's Kitchen.

Dawn is inspired by the work done at Mary's Kitchen, and is committed to helping make a difference in communities across the country.

A special thanks to our partners at Kerry, TR Toppers and Pecan Deluxe for donating toppings for the delivery.

An additional donation of donuts will be presented to Mary's Kitchen on Tuesday, June 5.

IDDBA Donut Donation