Bake Magazine: Fall Harvest Drives Consistency for Bakers

Oct 22, 2018, 11:03 AM by Jamie Dittenber
By Ben Brue, Director, Dry Ingredients, Dawn Foods and Jantzen Nishioka, Director, Commodity Procurement, Dawn Foods

With smells of pumpkin, maple and cinnamon filling the air of local bakeries across the country, it’s evident the fall season is here, officially kicking off our busiest time of year. Behind the scenes – unbeknownst to many – is a yearlong process full of in-depth preparations that are critical to delivering quality ingredients that make bakers’ sweet-baked goods possible.

Whether a scratch baker or one who partners with an ingredient supplier, planning appropriately for the fall harvest season is crucial – from changes in the crop to natural disasters causing shortages. These testing and processing controls help set bakers up for success all year long.

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