Dawn’s New Bakery Business Portal Featured in Bake Magazine

Jan 16, 2019, 14:16 PM by Jamie Dittenber

Digital transformation presents new opportunities for bakeries of all sizes. According to a recently released Visa study, 52% of consumers surveyed say they would prefer to shop exclusively online and more than 80% mention that digital-related benefits such as an easy-to-use website and digital loyalty program are motivating factors when deciding where to shop.

With these factors in mind, how do retail bakeries — of all sizes — reinvent their business models to adapt to these rapidly changing times? Dawn Foods, with our nearly 100 years of experience, is working collaboratively with bakers to help come up with a solution. A solution by bakers for bakers.  

Dawn’s response for the industry: our new Bakery Business Portal. The portal is currently being tested by a group of 10 retail bakeries in the Chicagoland area. Bakers are testing the portal as a virtual storefront where consumers can place orders online and pick up/pay at the retail bakery store.

To discuss the Baker Business Portal, our executives recently sat down with Bake Magazine’s John Unrein in an exclusive interview. Here’s what they had to say: 

Stevens Sainte-Rose, Chief Human Resources and Transformation Officer

We’ve been around for 98 years and the way we have grown is with great team members, great products and being keen on listening to our customers — understanding how we can help them with their total business. 

We know bakers face many challenges: labor, logistics, the changing consumer marketplace, compliance. That is why we are building something new that is made by the bakers for the bakers. We want to support our bakers more seamlessly, because at the end of the day, our bakers are the center of everything we do. 

Through the portal, we are simplifying their process, which gives them time to plan for purchases. The bakeries participating in the test phase have an online console that allows consumers to place online orders through the bakery’s own website. This way, the bakeries are better prepared for what bakery supplies they will need to order.

As the portal is built for bakers, by bakers, it is very much in a test and learn phase. What they (the bakers) tell us is incredibly valuable and will help inform our larger test pilot launch. We are approaching this in a very agile way. 

We see a very bright future for retail bakery and are highly committed to it. Our goal: inspire retail bakery success every day. 

Angie Goldberg, Chief Marketing Officer 

The driving force behind this initial test, which will be expanded to a large-scale pilot at the end of the first quarter 2019, is to enhance the ability of retail bakery customers to serve the evolving needs of their consumer shoppers. Having online ordering capabilities helps retail bakeries plan their production more effectively.

Dawn is using this initial phase to test, learn and gain insights for a deeper dive in the next phase of the project. As we think about our customers, as well as the needs of end consumers, we want to be a full partner and provide all the right business solutions. Needs are changing – we want to offer turnkey solutions to meet those needs and enable our customers to do business with Dawn online and digitally engage with end consumers.

As we learn more through the tests, the portal will evolve. And through these tests, we’re able to help reinforce customer loyalty as our customers see and understand firsthand how well we know their business. This trust plays a key role in our continued partnership.

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