Taking a natural approach to confectionery colors

Mar 28, 2019, 13:07 PM by Jeff Gelski
Natural colored Candy

KANSAS CITY — The opportunity to market clean label products has hit many categories, even confectionery. Coloring candy with natural sources, instead of FD&C colors in the United States or colors that require E numbers in Europe, is a prime example. Taking this approach will mean analyzing pH factors, finding solutions to achieving an acceptable red color and considering purple innovations.

“Naturally sourced colors, especially those made from recognizable ingredients such as fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, are better aligned with the feel-good quality inherent to indulgent treats,” said Jeannette O’Brien, vice-president/sales manager for GNT USA, Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y. “Consumers, especially parents, may feel better about buying a sweet or candy for their child if it includes colors from natural sources.”

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