Clean and Colorful: Dawn’s New Naturally Brilliant Icings Satisfy Customer and Consumer Demands Alike

May 3, 2019, 15:34 PM by Dawn Foods

Naturally Brilliant

Everywhere we turn today, we are inundated with “eat this, not that” marketing and as consumers continue to respond and shift their preferences, those in the food industry must respond as well. While we as bakers are traditionally known for sweet treats, in order to succeed today, we also must up our game and provide choice for the consumer.

Today, due to the shift in consumer preference, many bakers are seeking options that contain cleaner ingredients, without sacrificing the taste they love. Committed to helping our customers find the perfect balance of delicious and natural, in 2016, we introduced our Dawn Balance® Cleaner Ingredients line, our full line of cleaner ingredients made with not artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or unnecessary ingredients.

After three years of testing and formulation, this year, we’re excited to launch our first-of-its-kind Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style Icings and Flat Icings as a new extension to the Dawn Balance® Cleaner Ingredients line. Through this offering, we now are able to give bakers the tools necessary to create the sweet treats that consumers crave with all-natural ingredients.

What are Naturally Brilliant Icings?

Our Naturally Brilliant line includes Buttercreme Style Icings and Flat Icings that are formulated with colors sourced from plants, fruits, and/or vegetables – they are made with all-natural flavors and include no artificial colors or sweeteners. For example, our blue icings are developed with spirulina, while our pink icings are made from a combination of beet root and carrot. In addition to blue and pink, we also offer yellow and red Buttercreme Style Icings and Flat Icings as well as lavender-colored Buttercreme Style Icing.

While we currently offer five Buttercreme Style Icing colors and four Flat Icing colors, the Buttercreme Style Icings can be easily mixed together to develop 14 additional colors – all outlined in our mixing guide. This chart includes specific measurements for each color to not only to save baker’s time when trying to find the best color palate, but also help them find the colors they need to provide the sweet (yet natural) treats customers are asking for.

What differentiates Dawn’s Naturally Brilliant Icings from others?

Dawn’s Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style and Flat Icings have three unique factors that distinguish themselves other offerings in the market:

  • Easy-to-use: All of Dawn’s Naturally Brilliant offerings come in ready-to-use formats, designed and prepared to make bakers’ lives easier. And, when choosing to create any of the 14 additional colors, bakers just need to use the precise measurements included in the color guide to easily guide them.
  • Consistency: Dawn has worked to find the best sources and has also conducted intense testing to make sure the products don’t have lingering aftertastes from their natural sources. Our team has worked tirelessly to find suppliers and procure sources that we trust to provide our customers with the best quality ingredients possible. Our Naturally Brilliant Icings have been formulated for both optimal flavor and color to provide your customers with offerings they will love.
  • Bang for your buck: In addition to increasing efficiency, our Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style and Flat Icings allow customers to price their better-for-you baked goods at an increased cost. By selling one additional cake a day using Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style Icings to improve the cake’s quality, a baker can significantly increase their profits. Some bakeries have reported around a $20 profit for a cake made with natural Buttercreme Style Icings.

When recent research found that 75 percent of consumers like the concept of naturally colored buttercreme icings and are willing to purchase them, we knew we had to do something. Our Naturally Brilliant Icings are one example of how we’re helping our customers satisfy the recent consumer shift for baked goods that are healthy while supplying the flavors that consumers crave. As consumers continue to desire better-for-you offerings in all the foods they eat, our team is hard at work to identify additional products to help drive the business of our customers forward. 

For more information go to our Naturally Brilliant website, or contact your regional sales representative.