Dawn Foods Shares Industry Expertise

Oct 24, 2019, 16:39 PM by Catalina Mihu

Dawn IBIE booth interview with Carrie and Steven

In an interview with Carrie Jones-Barber, CEO, and Steven Verweij, President of Europe and AMEAP, we learned about the resources available from having a global presence, about innovations at Dawn Foods, and upcoming trends.

How does the global presence allow you to develop innovative solutions as a result of this know-how?

SV: It helps a lot; we have cross-fertilization of products developed for one country, which will without a doubt perform well in another country. For example, the vegan trend started small in some countries, and now we see it is spreading. Once you have access to different countries, you pick up those trends at a very early stage.

CJB: One of the things we also found, when I was living in England, was that the American-style bakery products that we were making were quite different than a muffin that was offered in Europe at the time. As we started to launch our products, our competition started to copy us. That is when we introduced “authentic American” goods, which nobody else could claim. The American product line in Europe is still our fastest-growing range.

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