Retirement Advisor Council Announces Financial Wellness Program Award Winners

Jan 28, 2020, 11:51 AM by Retirement Advisor Council

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East Granby, CT – The Retirement Advisor Council recognized Pankow Builders and Dawn Food Products and their respective retirement plan partners, as recipients of its annual Financial Wellness Program Awards.

Maria Carlson, CFO of Pankow Builders, and Brian Coleman Vice President, Total Rewards of Dawn Food Products were on hand to receive the awards. With retirement plans as a focal point for both programs, Ms. Carlson’s efforts were supported by Pat McKiernan of The Plan Resource Group at RBC Wealth Management and Mark Dehmel of John Hancock..

Mr. Coleman’s program was supported by Bruce Lanser of UBS Financial Services and Jason Burlie of Prudential Retirement. Mr. McKiernan and Mr. Lanser are both members of the Retirement Advisor Council.

Ms. Carlson noted,“We understood that we needed to shift the way we were connecting with our workforce and the medium we were using to reach them. The demographics of our company are changing, and we worked hard to shift our approach to keep up and keep effective. That made a significant impact in our wellness program.”

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