What Can Digital Upgrades Do for Bakeries? A Lot.

Mar 31, 2020, 13:49 PM by COLIN HANNER

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As a salesperson for bakeries in Boston and around the metropolitan Massachusetts area, Angelo Marcoccio knows how bakers like to stay in communication when it comes to submitting orders: texting, phone calls, emails — and, yes, sometimes even fax.

“There are some customers that know what time I usually get to their bakeries, and if I’m not there, they’ll text me, ‘Hey, you coming?’ With bakers, it's like clockwork, it’s almost like a routine,” said Marcoccio, who works as a salesperson for Dawn Food Products. “Bakers are creatures of habit and a lot of times they look forward to seeing the salesperson. But sometimes, they don’t want to see you.” 

The times when a baker may not want to see a salesperson? During the holiday crunch or during busy morning business, Marcoccio said, when orders are coming in at several times the normal volume. 

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