The sourdough donut: How distinctive flavors drive new pathways

May 13, 2020, 15:34 PM by John Unrein

Sourdough donut

A vitally important part of the job for Mathew Rice, executive pastry chef for Niche Food Group in Nashville, Tennessee, involves seeking out creative ideas — including mashups — to keep food attractive and interesting. Exhibit A is the sourdough donut, an exciting new creation this year from Dawn Foods,

“The reason why I thought this concept would be a winner was because sourdough is on the rise among consumer palates,” says Rice, one of the nation’s most innovative pastry chefs and a Johnson and Wales University graduate. “I wanted to do something that could go sweet or savory, depending on how you treat the dough. I like the idea of a deeper, more complex flavor than the traditional donut.”

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