Gluten-Free Sweet goods struggle with texture

Jun 12, 2020, 10:10 AM by User Not Found

Gluten is critical to baked foods; that is no secret. Wheat flour makes up the majority of formulations, and the gluten protein found in it often contributes most of the structure of bread. When it comes to other bakery applications like cookies and cakes, gluten can take a backseat.

“Bread is by far the most complicated application to replace gluten because it gives the bread dough the viscoelastic properties that are required to trap moisture and steam and produce the air bubbles,” said Steven Gumeny, product manager for rice solutions at Beneo. “When you take gluten out of bread, you lose that network and viscoelasticity. With a cake, there is less gluten formation than bread. You need some for crumb structure, but there’s significantly less, and you’re not relying on it solely for oven spring.”

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