Procure-To-Pay Embraces Bakeries’ 24/7 Work Ethic

Jul 7, 2020, 10:43 AM by PYMNTS

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A baker’s working hours are anything but the ordinary nine-to-five.

Making sure customers can get the freshest bread and pastries when the door opens at 8 a.m. means bakery owners are up before the sun. And, like many small business owners, they can also stay up well after the shop is closed for the night.

While this work ethic may produce delicious goods, it leaves little time for bakers to perform necessary — yet tedious — back-office functions.

One area with the greatest amount of friction is in procurement. Like other players in the food and beverage space, the ability to procure fresh items as needed can be a tricky task. Order too much, and perishable goods can go to waste. Order too little, and bakeries can’t fulfill orders. And as Main Street gradually moves toward reopening, small, independent bakeries cannot afford to miss out on business.

According to Bob Howland, chief digital officer at Dawn Foods, bakeries’ unorthodox operating hours and struggle to modernize back-office functions can create significant bottlenecks in the procurement process.

“Even in recent years, bakeries have relied on paper and phone-based ordering processes,” he said. “This meant bakers had to place orders during working [or] business hours, which took away from where they were needed most.”

Expanded Operating Hours

With an opportunity for bakeries to migrate their procurement operations online, Dawn Foods recently announced the rollout of its eCommerce platform designed specifically for bakeries.

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