Q&A: Dawn Foods Shares B2B Tips for Accelerating Digital Transformation With Salsify

Jul 7, 2020, 10:25 AM by Salsify

eCommerce platform

Dawn Foods, a global bakery manufacturer and ingredients supplier, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. Over the last century, the Dawn Foods has adapted to meet shifting markets and consumer behaviors with success.

Gireesh Sahukar, senior director of digital technology at Dawn Digital Innovation Hub, spoke with us to share his tips for meeting modern business-to-business (B2B) demands and about his team’s experience with Salsify.

What was your team’s initial daily challenge with product information and the Dawn website?

Dawn Foods is a global manufacturer and ingredients supplier that has served bakers for 100 years. As the baking industry tends to use traditional sales methods, the digital team at Dawn first worked to establish an online product catalog.

With the launch of Dawn’s new ecommerce platform on July 1, existing retail bakery customers can now explore all of its products and find inspiration and insights to help grow their business.  

What was it about the Salsify platform that intrigued you and your team?

Using Salsify as the product information management (PIM) system enabled various team members — from digital to legal and marketing — to all add and manage information about Dawn products. This service makes it easy to gather and distribute product information to our website and digital catalogs.

We partnered with the Salsify team to assemble the product catalog and cleanse data received from various sources.

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