Sharpening the focus of clean label initiatives

Jul 27, 2020, 14:35 PM by John Unrein

clean label

Clean label remains a critical but broad topic. Sharpening the future direction of the movement will play a significant role in how the industry succeeds. While specifics are still being worked out, a growing number of bakery ingredient companies and bakery retailers are now moving forward with sweeping projects and product line extensions that already drive higher awareness and consumption for clean label bakery.

“While the definition of ‘clean label’ is still up for grabs and even a bit misunderstood, consumers want simple, trusted and easy-to-understand ingredients in the foods they choose,” says Nicole Rees, product director for AB Mauri North America. “We’re in a second wave of clean label, where ingredients chosen are just step one. How they were produced and processed is now being questioned. Essentially clean label is now also about processing.”

Bill Hanes, vice president of marketing and strategy for Lesaffre, shared that a recent report from L.E.K. found that more than 60% of consumers look for products with labels reading "no artificial ingredients," "no preservatives," and "all natural."

“We offer clean label dough improvers and shelf life extenders that also benefit the quality and longevity of the eating experience for consumers,” Hanes said. “Noteworthy successes include extending the freshness of a shelf-stable snack cake from 30 to 45 days and doubling the lifespan of a yeast-raised doughnut from 18 to 36 hours.”

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