Dawn Foods opens door to online ordering platform, creating growth avenues for bakeries

Sep 1, 2020, 11:41 AM by John Unrein

online ordering

As a baker, you are busy and typically work long hours with little down time. Introduced in July, the new online ordering platform from Dawn Foods is a convenient way for you to order all your bakery products.

Available 24/7 online ordering offers a new way of working that allows you to add items to your online cart and place orders whenever it is most convenient. The online ordering platform is a first-of-its kind for the baking industry.

“It is great to be at a point where we have a full rollout of our new online ordering platform for the artisanal channel. The feedback is incredible,” says Bob Howland, chief digital officer, Dawn Foods.

For the artisanal channel, the No. 1 challenge is that ordering bakery ingredients is not easy today. You enjoy the personal rapport you have with your sales rep. But at the end of the day you are extremely busy with little to no down time.

Now there is an answer. Bakers using Dawn’s new online ordering platform create their own shipping list throughout the week. The ability to place items in their cart online makes the process simple. Bakers can follow whatever time schedule they need. Then when it comes time to engage with Dawn, the baker has their personal shopping list ready.

“Now with our new online ordering platform, this allows you to spend your time the way you want to,” Howland says. “When it comes to the benefits, the single word we hear is convenience.”

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