Shelf Life: Bringing The Best In “Best Before”

Sep 1, 2020, 11:25 AM by Catalina Mihu

extended shelf life

Products and processes helping with the shelf-life of bakery products not only ensure sustainability, profitability, and minimize waste, but must also deliver consistent product characteristics, which must be the same in day one as in any of the “best before” dates. It’s a tall order with innovative solutions.

DKSH has announced in July the signing of a distribution agreement with Kemin Food Technologies, a global leader in shelf-life and food safety solutions, to provide its product range in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Singapore. Under the new agreement, DKSH will provide marketing and sales as well as distribution and logistics for Kemin’s range of both natural and synthetic antioxidants and shelf-life extension solutions. Antioxidants can enhance food products by delaying oxidation, extending shelf life and maintaining freshness, flavor, texture and color quality.

Enzyme Proficiency

Baking is one of the most important industries Novozymes serves; every two out of three breads consumed worldwide have been processed with enzymes from the company. Maintaining product freshness is one of the tasks for which enzymes provide the answer: “In essence, an enzyme is a protein produced from microbial technology, where we have enzymes acting on the starch molecule of the flour, to prevent it from retrogradation,” Teik Chin Tan (TC), Vice President for F&B Business Operations-Asia Pacific, Novozymes, explained for us. Enzymes make starch crystals less prone to re-crystallization (staling), in this case. This supports food sustainability and minimizes food waste.

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