Fall bakery ideas from Dawn Foods

Sep 25, 2020, 09:45 AM by Emily Park

fall flavors

JACKSON, MICH. - Sept. 22 marked the first day of fall, and the demand for fall flavors is heating up, providing a significant sales opportunity for bakeries.  

“Fall is a time for tried-and-true classics,” said Melissa Trimmer, CECP, senior bakery application chef at Dawn Foods. “This year, it’s all about nostalgia. People have been pushed socially so far out of their comfort zone that they want to experience some of the flavors they had in childhood.” 

Satisfying consumers’ appetite for nostalgic foods doesn’t mean bakeries can’t get creative, however. In fact, using traditional flavors in unique and unexpected formats can spur interest—and sales. 

In recent years, bakeries around the world have introduced mashup desserts that merge classics with other components. Leveraging seasonal ingredients in everyday baked goods can help bakeries present fall flavors in a festive, yet accessible way, said Elena Taylor, senior marketing director, wet ingredients, at Dawn Foods.  

“We have a coffee-flavored cake mix I’ve seen paired with pumpkin [in] a cake and cupcake—an unexpected way to bring that flavor profile together,” Taylor said. “I’ve seen [flavors] blended in brownies, whether it’s caramel or pumpkin; apple as a topping on donuts and apple and caramel in a variety of things.”  

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