Dawn Foods Improved Planning Allows Them To Navigate Covid

Oct 8, 2020, 15:38 PM by Steve Banker

sandy evett

Companies have been whiplashed by the combination of a long running pandemic and the recession it kicked off. Better planning can help companies mitigate the effects of this crisis. Sandy Evett, the vice president of distribution and supply chain at Dawn Foods, gave a presentation on how her company has responded. Ms. Evett gave the speech at the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Connect 2020 online forum at the end of September.

Dawn Foods is an international manufacturer and distributor of the bakery ingredients headquartered in Jackson, Michigan. In North America, which was the focus of this presentation, the company has five manufacturing plants and 20 distribution centers in North America. They ship to customers either directly from their factory or their distribution centers. They ship their products to companies in the artisanal, food service, manufacturing, and supermarket channels. “Our promise,” Ms. Evett stated, “is to help our customers grow their business – to help make them be the baker of choice in their community.”

When 2020 started off, Dawn Foods business got off to a great start. Then Covid hit. Dawn Foods – like many manufacturers – then experienced complex, variable, and hard to forecast demand. This article is focused on how this manufacturer got a better handle on their demand, how they balanced the demand with their manufacturing capacity, and how they managed inventory and employee costs.

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