More complexities ahead for product developers and bakers alike

Oct 8, 2020, 15:58 PM by Jennifer Barnett Fox

muffins supermarket perimeter

KANSAS CITY, MO. - The well-known quote about having your cake and eating it too could aptly apply to trends across the bakery industry. Sweet, indulgent and comforting, bakery goods remain immensely appealing, but there are changes afoot across the category. Consumers are upping the ante with demands for cleaner labels, sustainability and enhanced health and wellness benefits.

Food is no longer just about the consumption of calories; it’s also about the narrative behind a product. Backed by its proprietary consumer research, Cargill, Minneapolis, is tracking the trend of “Food with a Story.” Paired with research information from Innova and GfK, Cargill is finding consumers resonate with authentic, unique and interesting stories, especially those built around responsible sourcing, sustainability and traceability.

Satisfying consumer desire for “something different” often begins with using the familiar to create something innovative and non-traditional. For those looking for something new that won’t break the budget, consider offering to customize products according to a consumer’s unique needs. Dawn Foods, Jackson, Mich., recommends bakers use icings to show creativity and glazes to turn a traditional baked good into something new.

“People are expanding beyond exact replicas of traditional dishes and mixing familiar ingredients with additional flavor profiles. Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes are a perfect example of this. They have all the traditional ingredients for making chocolate cupcakes consumers are familiar with while adding ingredients like cinnamon and chili powder to give it a unique, yet familiar, flavoring,” said Annie Best, market research and insights manager, North America, Dawn Foods.

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