Dawn Foods whips up a commerce recipe for going digital

Dec 3, 2020, 08:39 AM by Paul Demery

online ordering

When Dawn Foods baked up a new plan to lure offline customers to the benefits of ecommerce, it deployed a “composable” and agile platform designed to meet their specific purchasing needs. Many customers quickly came aboard, and many asked, “What took you so long?”

Like any master baker knows, the secret to making irresistible food is in the right mix of ingredients and the way they blend together in the oven. For Dawn Food Products Inc., using a form of that strategy in the realm of digital commerce technology helped it lure customers into the benefits of ordering online.

Our customers said, ‘We’re excited you guys are bringing this forward to be a leader in the digital world.’

“We wanted to build something by bakers and for bakers, and build it in a way with ultimate flexibility,” says Bob Howland, chief digital officer, Dawn Foods Global.

It took some work and tweaks of the technology recipe, but in an industry that wasn’t known for forging ahead with digital commerce, it wasn’t long before Dawn saw results.

“Until you change the system, you don’t know if change will be received well or not,” says Howland, who is a veteran of other B2B and technology organizations including Affiliated Distributors, Global Sports International (also known as GSI) and Blueport Commerce. Howland joined Dawn as the chief digital officer early last year to establish the company’s technology innovation hub and its goal of bringing both the company and the broader bakery industry further into digital commerce.

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