Adaptability and versatility make brownies a go-to favorite

Jan 5, 2021, 11:35 AM by Jennifer Barnett Fox

Brownie versatility

KANSAS CITY - Using the most basic of ingredients and some simple addition or subtraction, bakers can create brownies that are light and cake-like, dense and fudgy, or enhanced with inclusions and toppings. A reoccurring crowd-pleaser, particularly among households with children 6 to 17, brownies accommodate even those who don’t like or can’t eat chocolate.  

The brownie’s delicious yet satisfyingly blank canvas offers delicious ways to explore new flavors, textures and levels of sweetness while meeting a growing range of trends, tastes and expectations in scratch, mix and commercial baking. To enable bakers to quickly take advantage of the newest trends, Corbion, Lenexa, Kan., offers mixes and bases like its Gourmet Brownie Mix 2.0 to eliminate variations in scaling and production and a Brownie Concentrate for the creation of miniature brownie bites. 

Cue the variety 

While there’s plenty to enjoy about the chocolate-free blondie, the addition of chocolate is where brownies really shine. Barry Callebaut’s Chocolate Trends Report, Outlook for 2020 and Beyond, discovered 70% of consumers want new and exciting chocolate experiences. That means those looking to raise the chocolate bar will need to attract and retain younger consumers who are in search of clean label chocolate with an origin story, a quality deemed as more trustworthy by 61% in the trends report with chocolate origin and cacao percentage being influential to purchase decisions. 

A flourishing foodie culture and 24/7 social media also fuel the desire for the experiential through the purchase of plantation-specific chocolate, vintage varietals and naturally derived flavors, allowing consumers the ability to choose chocolate much like they might a bottle of wine, a block of cheese or craft beer. Unprecedented variety over the last five years produced an 83% growth in chocolate launches, according to Mintel, including Ruby chocolate, blonde or caramelized white chocolate and Barry Callebaut’s WholeFruit chocolate that upcycles the 70% of the fruit that’s normally discarded – all perfect ways to elevate the brownie. 

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