Black History Month Profile: Auzerais Bellamy

Feb 22, 2021, 14:01 PM by Dawn Foods

Black History Month Profile Dawn Foods

Known for baking the perfect blondie, Auzerais Bellamy is a professional pastry chef and the founder of Blondery, a direct-to-consumer virtual bakery. She is an advocate for “making her profession a better place for women and people of color,” and “as Blondery grows, creating the supportive workplace she sought by hiring people of color and empowering them for careers in the restaurant industry.”

Growing up in California, Bellamy’s family-owned barbecue restaurants all over San Francisco Bay and thus, she had entrepreneurship in her blood. She liked the idea of “owning your own,” and she was drawn to the fast paced and detailed work in the restaurant and baking industries that had her eager to learn more. Her passion for baking lead her to Rhode Island, where she graduated from Johnson & Wales, a place where several of the world’s top chefs attended. After graduating in 2012, she spent her time interning at Alain Ducasse’s pastry school located in France.

For ten years, she spent her career in fine dining. She worked in establishments such as The French Laundry in California and Ducasse’s Benoit Bistro. By 2015, while serving as a sous chef, Bellamy grew frustrated with the lack of advancement opportunities and underrepresentation of women and people of color throughout the industry, so she set out to blaze her own trail.

In 2016, Bellamy launched Blondery from her home in Brooklyn, New York. She had spent years perfecting her blondie recipe, using her family as taste-testers throughout the years. Her recipe originated with a single homemade pecan praline that she had in church as a child – a sensory experience that always stuck with her. Her signature blondie is both sweet and salty and is topped with pecans and salted caramel. This and three others serve as her core flavors, with rotating seasonal flavors.

Her first holiday season in business was a success as she fulfilled 500 orders, but it wasn’t until 2020, that Blondery would have its breakout year. As COVID-19 impacted businesses differently throughout the year, Blondery sold three times more in the month of June then she did in all of 2019. Through her social media channels like YouTube, Bellamy can promote her products, share baking tips and highlight her latest products.

Today, Bellamy has two employees and recently moved into a bigger kitchen space to meet customer demands as she often has a waiting list to order her products. Her blondies are available throughout the U.S where she serves an array of clients from households all the way to organizations like Netflix, Salesforce and Bloomingdales. She continues to be an inspiration in the culinary world. Not only does she add sweetness to life with her blondies, but through her outlined secret of success “Work hard, advocate for yourself, read books and hire to your weaknesses.” 



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