Mini-sized: The many reasons why small is good

Feb 24, 2021, 21:17 PM by Jennifer Barnett Fox

Mini cakes

KANSAS CITY - In the $46 billion bakery category, snacking continues to gain momentum. With snacking on the rise among all consumers and nearly 60% of Gen Z and Millennials professing the inability to get through the day without a snack, mini sizes are finding favor before, during and after meals, as well as for dessert.   

Cargill’s Baked-in Opportunities Insights Report, a study on American’s snacking behavior, discovered four key snacking motivators: To satisfy a craving (77%), To give oneself a treat (71%), To satisfy hunger (70%), and To reward myself (55%). Treats that offer elements of consistency and comfort are pushing to the forefront with mini-sized bakery products gaining popularity during the morning daypart, according to Eric Richard, industry relations coordinator, IDDBA, Madison, Wis.  

Pre-pandemic, smaller snack sizes were beneficial around lunchtime when working adults would run into grocery stores for a quick, last-minute snack on a lunch break, shared Sarah Hickey, senior director of insights and market research, Dawn Foods, Jackson, Mich. These smaller-sized options now play a role in helping consumers break up the day at home with a sweet treat for themselves or another family member.  

Bulk versions of multi-packaged mini portions are also popular with parents who are purchasing larger packages of baked goods at warehouse retail stores. Multipacks offer access to a wider variety of items than when purchasing a larger quantity of a single item, said Kathy Sargent, director of global market strategy, Corbion, Lenexa, Kan.

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