A Day in the Life of 2 Boston Systems Engineers

Mar 17, 2021, 10:57 AM by TAYLOR KARG

Dawn Food System Engineer Siddharth Singh

Automate processes. Code in a variety of languages. Troubleshoot authentication mechanisms. Optimize SaaS applications. According to two Boston engineering professionals, these are just some of the tasks systems engineers tackle on a daily basis. 

Below, an associate director of enterprise at online pet supplies retailer Chewy, and a senior site reliability engineer at bakery and ingredient e-commerce platform Dawn Food Products, walk us through what a typical day looks like in each of their roles. 

They also shared an interesting project they’ve recently worked on as well as what skills systems engineers should harbor in order to be successful at their respective companies. Both engineers agreed that a customer-first mentality and an ability to work cross-functionally are crucial components for success. 

Siddharth Singh

In order to be successful at Dawn Food Products, an e-commerce hub for bakery products and ingredients distribution, systems engineers need a well-rounded knowledge set. Aside from a basic engineering foundation, Senior Site Reliability Engineer Siddharth Singh said they also need to be adept at problem-solving and able to work well with other engineers on the team. 

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