Response strategies to COVID's impact on the industry

Mar 19, 2021, 14:55 PM by John Unrein

Dawn Covid Trends

One key piece to keeping customers coming back and to attracting new ones is to stay on top of the trends that are shaping their tastes and choices. Dawn Food’s insights experts have researched the top trends to understand COVID’s impact, and they have turned them into insights you can use as you plan for the New Year and a new approach to selling and succeeding.

People are Relaxing and Unwinding with Food

Using a sweet treat as a reward is nothing new. Dawn’s trend “Blissful Indulgence” underscores our drive to disconnect with food, wanting a momentary escape from reality with an indulgent sweet. In this year’s COVID climate, our desire to escape has grown. Consumers are more stressed than ever before, with 32% claiming to have severe anxiety. The consumption numbers prove this to be true. People are turning to food and beverages in record numbers. Of those surveyed,

  • 26% are eating "comfort" foods
  • 16% are stress eating  
  • 16% are drinking alcohol
  • 15% are eating indulgent foods

With this uptick in consumption and with a focus on comfort and indulgence, be sure to work these items into your menu. Think dark chocolate, rich cream fillings, and other cues that take people to a stress-free moment of escape.

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