Leveraging online tools for your bakery

Apr 8, 2021, 09:10 AM by John Unrein


For retail bakeries moving forward, leveraging online tools is imperative for growth ahead.

Keely Siciliano of Dawn Foods explains that leveraging online tools and strategies should be an integral part of a baker’s business. For example, social media can help customers find your business and understand more about your product offerings before they even enter your store.

Instagram is particularly useful for featuring products as it’s such a visual medium and there are several options for showcasing content, including in-feed posts, Stories and most recently, Reels.

Additionally, having a website for your bakery is incredibly important for boosting sales, Siciliano explains. It’s valuable to have a website that offers a menu for customers to browse products before entering the store, or even give them an option to order online.

While it can be an investment to create a website at first, it will pay off in the end.

“It can’t be stressed enough how effective social media can be for reaching customers,” she emphasizes.

Time-sensitive post-types like Instagram Stories can help promote your bakery’s daily specials or LTOs. Social media pages create a sense of community—and that community needs to be nurtured and engaged within a two-way conversation.

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