Cakes: Five ways to recapture customers

Jul 19, 2021, 16:59 PM by Jennifer Barnett Fox

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Meet consumers where they are 

Category Revitalization: Synonymous with celebration and gatherings, cakes are poised for a great year with the long-anticipated return to in-person gatherings and celebrations. As life picks up speed again, consumers will return to the instore in search of fresh options, said Eric Richard, industry relations coordinator, IDDBA, Madison, Wis.  

“We’re seeing some improvement in most of the bakery categories, and we’re due for a market that’s going to revert back to where it was,” Richard said. “I think we’ll see a reset for instore bakery products, including cake, with more people gathering and more in-person occasions.” 

Mintel predicts products made for safe sharing, including those in portion control packaging, will find favor for both safety and convenience. Seventy-four percent of respondents said they mostly prefer to buy products with packaging that will protect the contents from contamination, and another 62% said it’s more important to protect food hygiene than it is to minimize plastic packaging and waste.  

Industry Outlook: An increase in foot traffic in supermarkets over the last year has led to some consumers discovering or re-discovering the instore bakery as an alternative for other bakery locations they’ve considered before, said Sarah Hickey, senior director consumer insights, Dawn Foods, Jackson, Mich. 

“This is an opportunity to wow consumers with the quality of instore bakery cakes and to showcase new and innovative items,” she said. “Retailers that take advantage of this opportunity will see continued growth even post-pandemic.” 

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