Dawn Foods E-Commerce Site Meets Bakery Demands; Bob Howland Shares

Jul 29, 2021, 11:24 AM by Lilian Diep
eCommerce platform Dawn Foods

While the pandemic severely impacted many operations across the industry, there have been many pivots and innovations over these past 17 months. One adapter is Dawn Foods, which has refocused its efforts in the retail landscape. I got in touch with Bob Howland, Chief Digital Officer, to learn how Dawn Foods evolved its forecasting program to create a more robust supply chain planning process through its e-commerce site, thus allowing its bakery customers to face challenges head-on.

“Our foodservice orders slowed, but our supermarket channel sales increased,” Bob tells me. “We saw a need for forecasting demand, and we innovated to create solutions that truly matter to our customers. For our e-commerce platform, it took many months of work to launch it earlier than planned despite lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions creating significant headwinds. The timing was critical as we delivered an online platform that gave retail bakers easier access and flexibility to order supplies for their business and customers when they needed it.”

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