Top category trends in cookies

Aug 5, 2021, 11:00 AM by Jennifer Barnett Fox

cookie trends

KANSAS CITY — After a brief pandemic-related dip, perimeter cookies are on the rebound with indulgent and better-for-you formulations ready to take the category to new heights.   

Shaking off its pandemic slump, purchases of bulk cookies are on the rise, up 2% since last year, showing evidence people are more willing to buy and share cookies with people in their lives. As 85% of consumers return to instore shopping with confidence and celebrations become more normalized, the instore bakery continues to experience positive turns.  

In April, cookies were at $146M, +3.6% April versus 2019 and 26.2% versus April 2020. Perimeter bakers saw $1.1B in sales, +21.0 dollar % gains and +235M in absolute dollar gains as fresh bakery meets the demands of shoppers in a post-pandemic world (IDDBA’s COVID-19 May impact report). Instore cookie purchases are up close to 6% compared to this time last year, with a 16% increase in specialty cookie purchases, according to Nielsen Answers on Demand, Total US xAOC, YTD 5/1/21 vs 2020. 

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