Oct 7, 2021, 12:13 PM by DAVID ORGEL

Carrie JOnes Barber Dawn Foods CEO Diversity

Passion for the baking industry came early to Carrie Jones-Barber, the CEO of Dawn Foods, who is featured in the latest Bake to the Future Podcast from the American Bakers Association (ABA).

As a young girl, Jones-Barber watched her grandfather, father and uncles work in leadership roles at the over 100-year-old family-owned bakery manufacturing and ingredients company. By around sixth grade she realized she wanted to pursue a similar type of work, “helping people to solve problems and customers to grow their businesses.”

Jones-Barber began her career in a different industry and then joined Dawn Foods in 1985. She worked in a wide variety of roles at the company, including serving as head of the international business, before becoming CEO in 2006. She has helmed the company through the extreme challenges of pandemic and supply chain bottlenecks. In this podcast, she relays her perspectives on leadership and baking industry trends.

“The pandemic threw so many things at us,” she said. “As a leadership team, we realized we needed to make decisions faster than we ever have.”

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