Meeting consumer needs in the instore bakery

Dec 8, 2021, 16:29 PM by Jennifer Barnett Fox


The last two years have created some very big questions for consumers and businesses alike. Plans that once worked must now be reassessed to navigate staffing issues and the ebb and flow of consumer wants and needs.

As suggestions to think creatively are becoming more of the norm, those in the instore bakery must innovate to find new ways to deliver fresh, tasty baked goods while working within new parameters. This arrangement is finding many choosing to focus on continuous improvement – working with what’s available and reducing complexity wherever possible.

With so much in a state of flux, there’s no better time to cultivate a collective approach to doing business. This includes working closely with equipment and ingredient suppliers to help navigate the unknowns and manage the ongoing stress of a strangled supply chain.

Implementing new ways to work can be further complicated when different stores have disparate policies in place. Day-to-day functions are also dependent on staffing and onsite leadership, according to Eric Richard, industry relations coordinator for IDDBA, Madison, Wis.

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