Dawn introduces:


Delight your customers with these indulgent and on-trend cakes. Tasty, moist and as good as any other Dawn mix. The Dawn Vegan Cakes Mixes are recognized by the EU Vegan association. A clear label that is well-known by European customers.

The Vegan trend is here to stay

Year on year Vegan continues to gain relevance across Europe, projected to overtake Vegetarian! Even consumers that are not actively Vegan, are becoming more health-conscious and are adopting Vegetarian en Vegan buying habits. Vegan proofs to be more than a micro-movement within Vegetarian: it is the new Gluten-free!

The Vegan trend is in the rise

Global consumers increasingly push the demand for sustainable and healthy products.
250% increase in the number of searches for ‘vegan’ on Google in the last five years.

An aging population and climate change booms the Vegan demand

The new generation of consumers knows they will grow older and wish to do so in a fit condition and in a healthy environment. The number of vegans, flexitarians, and meat-reducers are growing strong. Increasing desire for healthier and more sustainable products with the same eating sensation as traditional non-vegan products.

10% of Millenials are vegetarian or vegan


Benefits for bakers

  • Easy to use: only add oil and water
  • Very versatile: Makes all types of cakes, including muffins, loaf, shortcrust, crumble, traybakes
  • Very tolerant and robust mix which produces consistently superior results
  • Holds inclusions
  • Can be flavoured

Benefits for consumers

  • Suitable for vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets
  • Amazing taste and texture, better than making from scratch
  • Excellent moist and fresh keeping
  • Sustainable product, free of palm oil and made with UTZ cocoa


Download the Vegan Cake Mix brochure for amazing Vegan recipes.