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Ingredients, mixes and much more. Dawn Foods offers manufacturers and industrial customers tailored products and solutions designed to help you work smarter and better meet consumer needs. Our range of bakery products includes mixes, bases, icings, glazes and fillings – as well as market-driven solutions such as vegan, gluten-free and reduced sugar. 

We understand that manufacturers have unique needs. Combining your objectives with our industry expertise, we collaborate to develop products and solutions that meet your specific requirements and challenges. We work with you as strategic partners, connecting you with our chefs and R&D team. Whether you want to create efficiencies in your operations or rework existing applications or processes to reduce waste and improve profitability, we’re with you every step of the way.

Together, we can make life’s sweet moments even more memorable.




Why partner with Dawn?


We’re committed to supporting you to develop personalised products and solutions that have a tangible impact on your business, through:

  • High-quality ingredients 
  • Customised solutions and recipes, adapted to your specific production requirements 
  • Technical support to ensure proper implementation, trouble-shooting and optimising processes on your production lines
  • Expertise from our pool of highly experienced application chefs and regional and global R&D teams
  • Wide range of certifications for our diverse production sites and ingredients, including: IFS, GFSI, BRC, Halal, Kosher, vegan, etc)
  • Regulatory knowledge so you can ensure all products are compliant with regional and local legislations
  • Packaging support tailored to your needs
  • Market trends and consumer insights to help you develop the right products to fit consumer demand 





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Innovation that makes a difference to you and the lives of your consumers is what drives us at Dawn. As a result, our R&D teams have developed specific capabilities – across product categories – to help you create an offering that meets market-driven demands, with ease.





Veganism has grown by over 30% year on year since 2013 (Source: Globaldata 2019) – and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Don’t miss out on this growing consumer demand. Start your vegan journey with Dawn’s easy-to-implement range of vegan ingredients.

. Mixes

. Icings

. Glazes

. Fillings and toppings, etc


Discover our full comprehensive vegan assortment.

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Cleaner label


More and more consumers are looking for cleaner and simpler labels with ingredients they know and trust. 


. Simpler labelling

. Natural colours and flavours

. Preservatives or E-number free

. Minimal allergens

. Lower salt and saturated fat


Contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs.


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Gluten free


For some, eating gluten-free is a lifestyle choice – for others, it’s a medical necessity. Whatever the motivation of your consumers, our gluten-free products and ingredients will exceed their expectations. They’re formulated to taste just as good as standard products and have same  satisfying sensorial properties.


. Cake mixes

. Brownie mixes

. Muffin mixes

. Choux pastry mixes


Explore our full gluten-free offering.

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Sugar & fat reduction


Health-conscious consumers are looking for solutions that fit their lifestyle but still meet their need for comfort and indulgence. We’ve developed ingredient mixes that reduce levels of sugar and fat by up to 30%, as well as solutions for reducing sugar in our fruit-based products.


. Reduced sugar mixes

. Reduced fat and sugar mixes

. Reduced sugar fruit fillings


Learn more about sugar and fat reduction offering.


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Longer shelf life


Products with a longer shelf-life are a great solution for reducing waste. Traditionally, though, longer shelf-life products have impacted taste and quality. Not anymore. We’ve developed ingredients that last longer and maintain the same delicious taste and texture.


. Donut mixes

. Muffin mixes


Looking for a specific longer shelf-life solution? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.



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Protein mixes


Consumer demand for protein enriched bakery is on the rise

Protein is a nutrient that has had something of a health halo attached to it in recent years because of its association with a variety of benefits, from aiding strength to boosting the immune system to help facilitate weight loss. Dawn has developed a new capability for American style mixes with protein. You will be able to create numerous pastries with protein that taste great and are appealing to your customers. Start creating your own:


Protein power*/ Creme cakes

Protein power*/ Cookies

Protein power*/ Brownies

Protein power*/ Pancakes


* Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass


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