Dawn's Vegetarian Red Velvet Creme Cake Base

okt 14, 2016, 10:07 by User Not Found
Within an extensive portfolio of cake mixes, bases and concentrates, Dawn Foods have a natural colour source Red Velvet Creme Cake Base enabling bakers and caterers to produce sweet bakery products and desserts featuring the distinctive and on-trend vibrant red hue of the American classic – Red Velvet.
A rising consumer interest in American flavours and foods is a trend which we continue to see, and this versatile base makes for delicious and distinctive results.
Perfect for creating seasonal sweet bakery goods that can command a premium price point; try blood-red velvet cake with contrasting white fondant icing and streaked with fake blood icing for Halloween or individual Christmas cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and chocolate star decorations.
The product is easy to use with just the addition of egg, oil and water, Dawn’s Red Velvet Creme Cake Base produces a deep dark red coloured sponge with a soft, moist eating texture and a well-rounded vanilla flavour. It is one of the few vegetarian Red Velvet bases available too and with its natural red colour source, it will be particularly appealing to today’s ingredient aware consumer.
Teamed with Dawn’s Cream Cheese or Vanilla Frostings bakers can create a classic American Red Velvet layer cake – an attractive addition to other sweet bakery best sellers such as chocolate or Genoese cake. The versatility of a base means that users can also make a wide variety of cakes and even desserts from the same mix.
Dawn’s Red Velvet Creme Cake Base is available in 3.5kg bags.