Dawn Goes for Perfect Finish with NEW Glazes

okt 14, 2016, 10:16 by User Not Found

Dawn Foods has added a new premium range, Decorgel Plus, to its extensive collection of cold process glazes. They are also expanding their existing Decorgel range, with the addition of new flavours and pack sizes. Both Decorgel Plus and Decorgel give an expert, shiny glaze to fine pastry and bakery products.
Ready to use, the new premium Decorgel Plus range can be applied hot or cold and gives a professional shine to bakery items. Unlike many other products in the marketplace Decorgel Plus is stable enough for use on domed and vertical surfaces without the addition of stabilisers. By warming to 40-45°C to achieve extra stability, pastry chef and bakers can use Decorgel Plus to create eye-catching patisserie-style sweet treats.
Available in all natural flavoured Caramel and Chocolate, Decorgel Plus also comes in Neutral, ideal for using with Dawn’s all natural flavour Compounds pastes to create really eye catching finishes. There’s even Decorgel Plus Glamour Silver for a stunning glitter finish to all kinds of sweet treats from donuts to high end patisserie.  The metallic glamour trend is set to be big in 2016 and beyond according to Dawn’s Food Futurologist Consultant, Dr. Morgaine Gaye: “Metallics will be used to adorn, wrap and coat food, while gold and silver leaf will be added to liquids, baked goods and used as a decoration of sweet treats”, she predicts.
Decorgel is a ready to use mirror glaze that produces an appealing shine and finish when applied as a decoration to fine bakery products. The glaze requires no heating or dilution and is available in a range of all natural flavours including Caramel, UTZ certified Cocoa, and new flavours Kiwi, Passion Fruit and Raspberry. Decorgel Neutral makes a great base too for Dawn Compounds to add some ‘buy me’ attraction to bakes.
Decorgel Plus is available in 3kg tubs , with a special 3.15kg tin for the Glamour Silver glaze. Decorgel is available in 3kg and 7kg tubs with larger sizes of Neutral available to order.