New Mousse/Crème Dessert Mixes

okt 14, 2016, 10:05 by User Not Found
Dawn Foods has launched a range of versatile and cost effective Mousse/Crème Dessert Mixes especially for the foodservice sector.

Made using all natural flavours, the mousse mixes can be used to make a whole range of desserts from classic light chocolate mousse to fruity trifles, indulgent crème dessert pots, creamy panna cotta, smooth tart fillings or simply to top a cupcake.

Caterers can choose from seven variants including Chocolate - consumers’ favourite mousse flavour - Fruits of the Forest, Lemon, Peach & Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Strawberry. All the fruit variants include real fruit pieces for added visual appeal.

There’s also a ‘Base’ Mousse/Crème Dessert Mix, a natural carrier to which Dawn’s concentrated natural flavour Compound pastes can be added to create an even wider number of dessert flavours – from blueberry to caramel.

The new mixes dissolve easily into cream or milk and there’s a harmonised yield so it is easy for caterers to vary the flavour used.  To make a mousse for example, caterers simply need to whisk cream and cold milk then add the chosen Dawn Mousse/Crème Dessert Mix and whisk further until thick. Once portioned the mousse is then refrigerated.
A creamy panna cotta requires the addition of the Mousse/Crème Dessert Mix to boiling cream and milk, then portion and refrigerate until set – it couldn’t be simpler!

Many desserts, all with varying price points can be created from one 2.5kg bag too, meaning caterers can easily update or enhance their dessert offerings without having to buy in lots of additional ingredients. Finished products are also freeze/thaw stable enabling desserts to be made in advance and thawed as required – saving time and minimising wastage.