The Dawn of a New Age with Student Ambassador Laura!

jan 4, 2017, 05:46 by Dawn Foods UK

Creating New Traditions

As part of its commitment to nurturing a new generation of young bakers, Dawn Foods has partnered with University College Birmingham (UCB), and appointed Laura Gibbons - a final year Bakery and Patisserie undergraduate at the university - as the company’s first Student Ambassador.

Working with Dawn at its Evesham-based site, Laura will be focusing on ‘Creating New Traditions’, a brand new European-wide Dawn initiative which will see established sweet bakery products being given a new twist for the next generation. As part of the campaign, these contemporary new takes on traditional sweet products will be launched as bakery recipes in 2017.

Laura shares her experience of her first day with Dawn Foods, learning about NPD and bakery production at the site with Head Application Chef Robin Loud.

“I was very excited to begin working with Dawn Foods and started the day by reviewing bakery products and their different uses in the production process. It was very insightful and I got the chance to see how a combination of different products could be used together, and the flexibility this gives bakers in creating unique, customised product.

“Later in the day I had the opportunity to be hands-on, making a Creme Cake and sampling various products. I experimented with different fillings and piping them onto the cake batter allowed me to evaluate the products first hand and demonstrate their versatility. The Creme Cake was light and fluffy which makes it a great base for lots of recipes.   It surprised me that fillings could also be baked, and they held flavour very well - a great example of how the products are used in many ways.

“In our meeting, we started to develop new ideas for recipes and looked at how Dawn Foods products could be best-used to create them. We went through traditional British and seasonal recipes and discussed how we could give them a modern twist.

“At the end of a very constructive day we had four potential recipes that we intend to test and develop further at our next meeting in December.  I am really looking forward to putting the ideas into practice and seeing how the creations turn out.”

Head Application Chef Robin Loud said: “I am very excited to be working with a talented individual who is passionate about bakery. Laura has brought so much to the table already, offering new and exciting ideas, helping to reinvent traditional sweet bakery items. It’s great to have her on board and through our partnership with UCB it is encouraging to see young bakers looking for inspiration.”