Student Ambassador Laura Gets Dawn to Business with Recipe Re-Inventions

jan 30, 2017, 05:39 by Dawn Foods UK

Creating New Traditions
University College Birmingham (UCB) student Laura Gibbons got hands on with Dawn’s extensive range of ingredients during her second visit to Dawn Foods Evesham factory, with a view to using them in the revival of classic recipes.

As part of its commitment to nurturing a new generation of young bakers, Dawn Foods has partnered with UCB, appointing Laura - a final year Bakery and Patisserie undergraduate at the university - as the company’s first Student Ambassador.

Working with Dawn at its Evesham-based site, Laura will be focusing on ‘Creating New Traditions’, a brand new European-wide Dawn initiative which will see established sweet bakery products being given a new twist for the next generation. As part of the campaign, these contemporary new takes on traditional sweet products will be launched as bakery recipes in 2017.

Laura shares her experience of her second day with Dawn Foods, learning about factory operations, the properties of ingredients and the multitude of ways in which they can be used to create different bakery items.

“I couldn’t wait to get stuck in on my second visit to Dawn and I started the day with a factory tour of the nut free site with Plant Manager Mark Ebdon. I got to see all the factory improvements and learn about plans to increase production – it was insightful to see the finished products and how ingredients and mixes work on a large industrial scale.

“The second half of the day I spent with Head Application Chef Robin Loud, continuing work on new recipes and putting into practice the ideas we discussed in the last visit. Testing the ideas allowed me to have a better understanding of which products work to make recipes possible. For example - Fonds can work in various bakery items, they are versatile and so easy to use.

“Trialling and tasting the products was a great opportunity for me to test the all-natural flavours and experiment with some combinations using different flavours, fillings and inclusions. I feel my second visit was really valuable and I learned a lot about where the ingredients, products and recipes are developed and got to meet some of the team. I'm looking forward to my third visit already so I can continue working on the recipe ideas and see the finished products!”

Robin Loud, Head Application Chef, Dawn Foods said: “We had a very productive session this week, Laura has shown a keen interest and had lots of questions for our Plant Manager Mark regarding the factory. Putting the ideas into practice was a great opportunity for Laura to learn about Dawn’s extensive product range and test out the capacity in which products work – this will aid her in recipe development. I look forward to our next session where we can concentrate on using Laura’s new knowledge to further our ideas.”