Dawn Expands Gluten Free Range with Two New Mixes

jun 29, 2017, 06:17 by Dawn Foods UK


Our research tells us that consumers view sweet bakery items as an emotional treat or an indulgent reward and are very much of the mind set ‘everything in moderation’. There is a trend towards products with reduced sugar and fat as well and increased numbers of consumers looking for gluten-free options. For coffee shop owners being able to offer ‘free from’ sweet bakery items such as muffins, cakes and traybakes that taste just as good as their regular counterparts is a big sales opportunity and there are several options available to enable them to serve fantastic tasting free-from products.

One in 100 people now suffer from Coeliac Disease and even more choosing to go gluten free as a lifestyle choice. According to Mintel the ‘free-from’ market, which includes gluten free, is expected to rise from £470m in 2015 to £672m by 2020. Gluten-free no longer means compromising on taste and presentation, as consumers can now enjoy many of their sweet treat favourites without gluten but with all the taste.

Dawn has recently expanded its gluten-free offering with the launch of a gluten-free Chocolate Brownie Mix and a gluten-free Chocolate Crème Cake Mix. We also offer a gluten-free Chocolate and gluten-free Vanilla Muffin Mix.

Manufactured in a strictly controlled environment, the new gluten free mixes all feature natural colours and flavours, are palm oil free and FSA 2017 salt compliant too.

Dawn's gluten free products offer the same great results as our non-gluten free mixes and bases. They can suspend inclusions well and are freeze-thaw stable after baking. The Chocolate Brownie Mix and the Chocolate Crème Cake Mix can be used to make a variety of other products including traybakes, loaf cakes and family cakes, enabling caterers to cost-effectively offer a range of gluten-free products from one 12.5kg bag of mix.