Dawn and Invicta Toast Winning Yorkshire Baker

apr 22, 2018, 07:43 by Dawn Foods UK
    Havenhands Competition Winner

Chloe Thornton, Bakery Manager at Havenhands the Bakers in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire was the lucky winner of a £1,000 worth of Invicta Bakeware of her choice in Dawn Foods’ Creating New Traditions Campaign.

The campaign, which ran throughout 2017, was a European-wide initiative from Dawn to help support artisan bakers in re-inventing traditional bakery and dessert classics.
Dawn appointed Food Historian Seren Evans-Charrington to look at the history of many sweet bakery products such as eclairs and brownies for example and then worked with University College Birmingham (UCB) bakery and patisserie student Laura Gibbons to produce contemporary new takes on these sweet bakery items. Laura worked with Robin Loud, Dawn’s Head Application Chef on a number of exciting new recipes which were made available to bakers via the Dawn website.

In an additional strand to the campaign Dawn partnered with Invicta Bakeware to give one lucky artisan baker the chance to win £1000 worth of product from Invicta’s range of metal bakeware and racking. Chloe at Havenhands chose new bread tins, muffin tins and trays for producing tray bakes.

Receiving her prize from Lee Croucher, Business Development Manager at Invicta Bakeware, and Dawn Foods representative Gareth Whittaker, Chloe Thornton said:
“The Invicta products we have received are absolutely fantastic and we all loving using them. They have benefitted us massively - our muffins are now a 10/10! We’ll be making many more delicious bakes using our new equipment, thank you very much to Invicta and Dawn Foods”.