New Premium Donuts Flavours to Melt Your Customers’ Hearts

apr 30, 2018, 07:26 by Dawn Foods UK
    New Lovely Lemon DonutNew Cookie Crush Donut

Dawn Foods, originators of the first donut mix in 1920s Michigan, USA and one of the best-known names in donut mixes, bases and concentrates has added two new limited-edition flavours, bang on trend for summer 2018, to its successful range of Premium Finished Frozen Donuts.

Made with Dawn’s own high-quality mix, new Lovely Lemon and Cookie Crush Donuts both have a light fluffy texture, an eye-catchingly rich and appetising topping, then a delicious ‘end to end’ filling to give a satisfying eat. Lovely lemon has a light summery all-natural fruit lemon filling and an eye catching white glaze. Yellow sugar sprinkles not only create visual impact but add texture in every bite too.

Capitalising on the huge popularity of cookie flavours and decorations in sweet bakery, the Cookie Crush donut is made with chocolate dough for an innovative twist. It is end to end filled with a creamy vanilla flavouring and topped with a white glaze, then decorated with cookie pieces – a real ‘mash up’ of flavours to excite customers of all ages!

Dawn’s Premium Donut range has been developed to give bakers and caterers a convenient way to tap into the trend for ‘premiumisation’ in sweet bakery and offer products with interesting finishes, textures and flavour combinations and ‘added value’. Dawn’s Marketing Manager UK and Ireland, Jacqui Passmore says that today’s consumers are demanding more indulgence, more textual combinations and more product satisfaction, with younger consumers especially attracted to impulse purchase by innovative products that surprise with new flavour combinations and a sense of fun.
Supplied frozen, Lovely Lemon and Cookie Crush, along with the other donuts in Dawn’s premium range, are available in packs of three trays of 12 and thaw in approximately 60 minutes for ease. They are ideal for all kinds of operators in both bakery and foodservice who wish to introduce the latest fresh ideas for impulse purchasing or snacking occasions without buying in lots of different ingredients or spending time on sweet bakery production.

For a limited time only, Lovely Lemon and Cookie Crunch join the other products in the Premium Donuts range:
• Award-winning Caramel-Lace – coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a gooey caramel surprise inside.
• Strawberry Sprinkle – filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing and multi-coloured sprinkles
• Chocca-Nut – featuring a hazelnut topping, sprinkled with chopped nuts, and a delicious smooth hazelnut sauce inside
• Cinn-Apple - with crunchy cinnamon sugar and a fruity apple filling
• Triple-Choc - with a creamy chocolate sauce filling and cocoa topping with sprinkles

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