New Breakfast Products

jan 19, 2019, 19:00 by Dawn Foods UK
Dawn Breakfast Products

Dawn Foods has launched three new frozen sweet bakery products – a Williams Pear & Chocolate Muffin, a Breakfast Muffin and a Banana, Vanilla & Chocolate Cookie Puck – all aimed at the breakfast market, one of the fastest growing foodservice ‘day parts’.

The premium tulip-shaped Williams Pear & Chocolate Muffin taps into consumer interest for heritage flavours and provenance ingredients by featuring origin fruit in pieces as well as a Williams pear jam filling. The combination of pear pieces, pear jam and plain chocolate chunks makes for an indulgent and moist eat as well as appealing to current trends for matching chocolate with fruit. Made using Dawn’s signature muffin mix, this product is made with free range egg, has natural flavours and does not contain palm oil.

Ideal for consumers who like a ‘healthier’ eat at breakfast, Dawn’s flowerpot shaped Breakfast Muffin is also made with the company’s signature mix and is bursting with natural inclusions and texture. The Breakfast Muffin contains apricot pieces, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds throughout and for an added flavour burst, it is filled with a fruity apricot jam. The granola topping not only adds ‘pick-me-up-appeal’ but gives a crunchy contrast to the jam filling too. The Breakfast Muffin has natural flavours and does not contain palm oil.

Dawn’s frozen, ready to bake Banana, Vanilla & Chocolate Cookie Puck is ideal for caterers who wish to bake off on-demand, making it ideal for breakfast to go. The aroma of freshly baked cookies is particularly enticing! Capitalising on the current trend for fruit and chocolate pairings, the cookie puck, which is made to Dawn’s Authentic American cookie recipe, features decadent dark chocolate chunks along with natural sweet banana puree and a hint of vanilla for a delicious sweet bakery product. This product is made with RSPO certified palm oil and has natural flavours.