Dawn Foods adds a versatile Savoury Muffin Mix to its range

aug 15, 2019, 05:50 by Dawn Foods UK

Savoury Muffin Mix Range - Small

Dawn Foods is giving bakers and caterers the opportunity to expand their savoury, food to go and breakfast offerings with the launch of an easy to use savoury muffin mix.

While consumers love sweet muffins, the trend for muffins featuring savoury ingredients, from cheese to vegetables, to herbs and cooked meats, is growing due to consumers seeking perceived healthier alternatives to sandwiches and pastries. The new Savoury Muffin Mix means operators can now target different ‘day parts’ with muffins; a muffin isn’t just for breakfast, but can be ‘to go’, at elevenses, or with lunch or dinner.

Dawn’s new Savoury Muffin Mix requires only the addition of oil and water to create a finished product with great volume and a moist eating texture. The mix is versatile and cost effective too as it can be used for both savoury and sweet applications, so operators need only buy one handy 3.kg bag for a range of uses. Featuring only natural flavours and colours and made with free range eggs, the savoury mix also does not contain palm oil. Salt and sugar levels in the mix have been kept to a minimum so it can be used with a variety of sweet and savoury inclusions.

Dawn’s Application Chefs have created a series of tasty recipe ideas to give bakers and  caterers inspiration on how to use the mix, from Savoury Muffin Pizza slices for sharing, a USA-style Meat Feast Muffin to a Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Savoury Muffin, ideal for serving as an accompaniment to soup.

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